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Am I back?

The past year! Crazy, right?!

I spent the last few months getting control of portions of my life. Hopefully, now I can return to my passion. In a minute, I will take a look at my calendar and determine what I can realistically accomplish.

I'm over the idea of destroying myself to accomplish a goal. For me, that only resulted in me giving up and shaming myself. And all for something I had no ability to do in the first place. Ah, the sweet smell of guilt, self-recrimination in the morning.

Well no more!

So let's see. What are my current passions?

  • Writing

  • Podcasting

  • Blogging

What is my plan? I'm going to give myself grace. During the next two weeks, I will play with my schedule. This will give me a better idea of what I can get done.

When I have a better understanding of a realistic schedule; I will let y'all know when and where to find some of these items.

Give yourself grace and see you soon!

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