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Character View of Chelsea Anderson from Upcoming Novella Hard Landings

As we get closer to the publication of Hard Landings on Wattpad, we will take a look at one of the main characters.

Chelsea Anderson is the female heroine of the novella set in near future Earth.

In the near future, humans have begun settlements on the moon. This is the beginning of space settlement. The method of building space settlements is to create a full community. This means having engineers, space jockeys and scientists along with legal professionals, farmers, food workers and other aspects of a thriving town.

Chelsea Anderson Inspiration Picture (Gina Torres Wikipedia)

In the beginning of the story, Chelsea Anderson is an attorney in San Diego. She had taken a position as the new judicial investigator of the Eagle Bay Settlement.

This is a great position and an advancement of her career. At the same time; the reason for her move is to get away from a bad employer and a bad relationship.

As a woman, she straddles the line of being self-confident in her work while at the same time having her personal self-confidence eroded through each failed relationship.

Chelsea is the eldest of two. We will get a glimpse at her relationship with her sister, Amber, and the rest of her family throughout the book. Her family consists of fearless cheerleaders with Amber being the loudest. The Anderson sisters were raised by their parents in an upper middle-class neighborhood in San Diego County. Everyone expected Chelsea to live the typical life with the house and two point five children. Though her family just wants her to be happy. Chelsea wonders if she fell behind somewhere. Amber constantly tells her that there is no such thing as falling behind when it is your own race.

Chelsea stats:

Age - 35

Height - 5'5"

Job - Judicial Investigator

The first few chapters of Hard Landings will appear on Wattpad around the second week of July 2020. This way you the reader will be able to see the novella take shape and grow throughout the month.

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