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Looking for a list of my works in progress and my published books? You are in the right place. 

While you wait for my novels...

enjoy these stories on WattPad

This series follows Earther Tammy Grace Federhousen as she navigates unemployment, irresponsible budgeting and being cursed by a vengeful Calaxion god. All of this is done while living on Dragos 892, a space station located in Dragos galaxy.

Being the only earth female on a space station is tough but she's up for the adventure.

When a headstrong heroine collides with an equally headstrong hero.


Can two people have it all?

Do they need to have it all?


A slow burn romance novella with a mysterious twist.


New chapters release every other week.

Dragons of Avalon Series

Dragons are real and they have returned to Earth..

Destiny Taken 2018 Cover.png


Avalon is going to explode. With it, Greyson's hard won status and life is going up in smoke. Will he accept a new life on Earth?

Evelyn has never fought for what she wants. As Earth welcomes dragon shifters to the planet her life continues its normal course of falling apart. Will she finally fight for love?

Coming Soon.png


Information coming soon

Coming Soon.png


Information coming soon

Stand Alones...

Coming Soon.png
The Alien Menagerie


Sci-Fi Romance Novel

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