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My January Reads

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For many people being a writer goes hand in hand with being an avid reader. That goes double for me. I love to read. I read veraciously! Last month, I read 13 books and that was a slow month for me. This month's list reflects my huge love of the shifter romance book. I discovered authors I haven't read and got to read books by a few of my favorites.

Winter really lends well to reading. Curling up with a good book and a blanket is the best! Hmmm...actually summer is great for reading too. Sitting outside with a good book is great too. Who am I kidding, I just love to read and anytime is a great time to read.

My January Reads List:

(Note: I read adult books so be prepared for extremely adult themes if you decide to read one.)

I was introduced to Nancy Corrigan's work and read books 1-3 of her Royal-Kagan Shifter World books. She has an offer on her website called 'Free Series Starters' It is the first books of three of her series.

  • Treasured Find by Corrigan Nancy

  • Beautiful Mistake by Corrigan Nancy

  • Favorite Obsession by Corrigan Nancy

I read Shelly Laurenston's not so new book The Unyielding. The book came out the months ago. I'm not sure how I missed it because I was waiting for that one on bated breath and it did not disappoint. Pick it up!

Then there is T.S. Joyce. She is a truly prolific author. You typically only have to wait a month for her next book. For some authors that means a medocre book but not T.S. Joyce. Her books are full of emotion, reflections on humanity and relationships. I love her books. Start with the first book in any series and you'll be hooked! Here are the two I read from her Outlaw Shifters series.

N.J. Walters is an author I found on Twitter. I know crazy huh? I like her books because they deal with issues of trust. There is no easy answer or path to love in her stories. I have cried on too many occasions while reading the hurt that her characters go through. Her books show that even with the 'true mate' pull you have to be able to trust the other person.

Primal Surrender is the only non-shifter romance book this month. Lori Kind does write shifter books, I just haven't read them yet. Primal Surrender is the third book in the series and I really enjoyed it. Each of the books in her Surrender Series deal with a reverse harem story. Unlike the previous two books the men in this one fought the connection to their detriment. I spent so much time yelling at my kindle. Yes, I know I looked crazy but sometimes you have to yell at a man when he is being stupid, even if he is a character in a book.

To prepare for Suzanne Wright's newest Mercury Pack book I reread some of her earlier books:

Of all the books this month, my favorite has to be Lure of Oblivion. This was another book that I somehow missed when it first came out. I love Suzanne's books. The reason I like her books is the relationships aren't easy. Plus the women in her books are strong willed and at times alphas themselves. This is the first book in the series that featured a human woman as the love interest. I was nervous but she hit the ball out of the park with this one. Gwen Miller is a badass woman who won't take shit from anyone. In the other books you knew the women would be strong because they were shifters. This one shows a women who may not be as physically fast or strong as a shifter but she can still kick but. If you can pick up only one book from my list, pick up this one. It is the middle of the series but you'll still be able to follow the action. Then you can go back and read the rest and realize how truly badass Gwenn is.

Advice for fellow readers:

One bit of advice. If you are as avid a reader as myself, I suggest signing up for a program where you can get books for lower prices. I have Kindle Unlimited so many of the books I read are included in my monthly fee. I also subscribed to BookBub email. I don't get a ton of books from that service but, I do get info on specials that I would have missed. I've also discovered a few new authors as well.

Hope you enjoyed this week's blog post. I gotta go. I have reading and writing to do.

Have an excellent week!

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