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Cover Reveal...

Tammy Grace Cover

Perfect day for a cover reveal!

It's raining here in San Francisco and I'm curled up with a hot tea, my laptop and Gravity Falls is playing on the television. This is HEAVEN! For many of us 2016 has been a hard year. Like most I'm looking forward to 2017!

In celebration of the New Year, my series of short stories "The Adventures of Tammy Grace Federhousen" will begin on Subscribe here.

About The Adventures of Tammy Grace Federhousen

A series of short stories that follows the hijinks of Tammy Grace Federhousen. Being a part of Tammy Grace's life takes grit, determination and a whole lot of crazy. Being her is even harder.

This series follows earth girl extraordinaire Tammy Grace Federhousen as she navigates dead end jobs, irresponsible budgeting and being cursed by a vengeful Calaxion god. All of this is done while trying to keep her lodgings on Dragos 892, a space station located in Dragos galaxy.

Being an earth girl is tough but she's up for the adventure.


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