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Spring isn't an excuse to wander into someone else's yard

As the seasons change I think maybe I should travel.

Then I think everyone else's lives are more exciting. They travel, they are doing great at work, they have great relationships. I think I should be like THEM! 

Invariably I begin believing the person who said 'the grass isn't greener on the otherside' is an idiot!

Just as I begin searching websites for plane tickets I can't afford someone tells me about the craziness in their life. I think, wow I really thought they had it all.

Today, I was reminded we are all stumbling through life wondering if we are doing it right.

Just because someone else photographs well or knows how to write a thrilling blog post doesn't mean their life is better than mine. 

No one's life is better for me than my own. It is bumpy and every so often I make screwy decisions but it's my life and overall I'm thinking it ain't that bad.

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