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Reading as a writer


No matter what they say; you will still compare yourself to others.

You will read some books and they will boost your ego. You will either think, "I write better than this writer so I will definitely get readers." Or you will think, "Hey, I'm just as good as this writer. I think I can do this."

But then there are those books that you read that are excellent, masterpieces, world changers. It is what happens after you read those books that will determine what type of writer you will become.

Do you give up? Do you throw in the towel? Do you decide to become one of those writers that only has a few unfinished stories because, 'hey there are too many books for mine to make it?' Or do you use the great books to propel you forward?

I just read one of those great books. As I read I thought, "why don't I write like this?!" But as I finished the book I realized this book was even better than great. Why? Because in those pages, deep within the story it taught me determination. I finished the book and knew. I knew that the stories I write can either become unfinished hopes gathering dust in my mind. Wisps of memories. Potentials never realized.

Or I could let it inspire me to be more. Not more like that author because what's the use? That writer has his own story to tell. No, I can gain inspiration to be more me when I write. Let it inspire me to throw my heart, blood and sweat upon the page. Inspire me to crush, mold and polish my story until it vibrates with life. Then I with humble humility as a gift of my imagination, hopes, dreams and desires I can present it to the world.

So let me leave you with this bit of thought. When you read a book know you will compare, it's human nature. But what you do after making the comparison that is where that spark of greatness lies.

Or I could just be full of it. In the end you and I will never know if we are great. It is only the reader setting down our finished books who will truly know if we are great.

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