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How does Superman do it?

Today, I realize I come close to living a double life. By day, I'm an attorney at a non-profit organization fighting for people's rights. At night, I am a writer trying to bust out my first sci-fi romance series. This is freaking exhausting.

At work, I put my all into my job. So ny the time I get home I'm tired. But, I bust open my laptop respond to messages and do a few writerly things. Some nights that means adding to a first draft, some nights it's outlining, editing, world building or researching.

Writing a book ain't easy. Writing a series even harder.

Being an attorney ain't easy either.

Someone tell me how Superman did it. He saved people and the world! Then he went to work the next morning at the daily planet. There are days I think I want to stay home and finish my book. There are times I'm home thinking maybe it would be better to go to the office.

Both worlds call to me equally and today it hit me. How do people do two totally different things without feeling pulled apart?

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