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New Novella Coming Soon to Wattpad

I'm in the process of writing a novella to be published on Wattpad!

Book cover for Romance Novella Hard Landings

Hard Landings is a novella set in the not so distant future when humans have begun colonizing the moon. Because of the future elements it loosely fits in the science fiction genre but, I would characterize it as a mystery romance.

The story centers on two main characters Chelsea and Tennant. One is an attorney and one is a police detective. The story deals with new beginning and how it can pave the way to heal old wounds.

I'm feverishly working on this story as it to replace 'The Adventures of Tammy Grace Federhousen'. Tammy Grace started as a writing exercise. It was supposed to be an incongruous group of stories centering on Tammy Grace.

As I continued writing there were questions even I was having. Interactions that I hinted to and didn't flesh out because the chapter/episode ended. It was becoming a bit of a hodgepodge. Recently it became apparent to me that this series really needed to be a novel or novella.

If I'm to make this into a novel or novella; I need to put a pause to the story and pull it. I need to do character profiles, more world building and actually outline the story. At this time, I think much of the story you've read will remain the same. But, who knows.

What I do know is that by the end of August, no matter what, Tammy Grace will go into the vaults. That's my fancy way of saying, I will unpublish it. Then I will begin uploading 'Hard Landings'. This time, I will have content in the hopper so there is a more consistent posting on Wattpad. Also, this will give me a chance to finish up edits and outlining on my novels.

If you were enjoying Tammy Grace, don't worry it won't be gone for long. I will be begin republishing Tammy Grace in November during NaNoWriMo.

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