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Moving my series...

Picture of my laptop and coffee about to start writing


After a few months of having my series "The Adventures of Tammy Grace Federhousen" hosted on one website I have decided to move it. This decision took a lot of consideration and was prompted by the my desire to help my readers.

It occurred to me that perhaps my readers (let's be honest right now they are family members and) would find this new site easier.

Now, I'm in the grueling process of having the story pulled form the other site and re-editing the work for the new one. Actually this part of the process isn't that grueling. Both sites are well run and easy to work on. The only difficulty comes in that I have to do the editing.

Oh and did we forget? I'm doing all this while writing another COMPLETELY DIFFERENT story for Camp NaNoWriMo!

Ugh...perhaps a review of my sanity is warranted.

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