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What will I write when technology gets us to the point that science fiction is everyday life?

I write, read and watch sci-fi. Sometimes I even wear sci-fi. Usually it is a world filled with futuristic technology I can't imagine experiencing in real life. 

I remember being a child watching television shows with people carrying small computers and communication devices. Characters spoke to computers, some even rode in cars that talked and drove themselves. Back then, it seemed too fantastic to ever happen. 

Today, I am typing this entry on my tablet while waiting for my small communication device to alert me when that rice has finished cooking. Oh and the music stopped so I said, "Computer play some country music." And dutifully my smart speaker pelted out a country play list. Luke Bryan is my non-guilty pleasure. He has a sexy voice ain't nothing to feel guilty about when drooling over that! Okay, I digress back to my concern. What will I write about? Perhaps, I am overreacting, there are no aliens walking the Earth. Uh, none that I know of. There are no teleportation devices. Therefore much of my story lines are still futuristic.

But, I'm still concerned. My imagination isn't that great. I feel that, in 5 years, the crazy tech I write about today will be real tech you can buy for $50 tomorrow. 

Sigh. The future is exciting but a little too close. Anyway, I gotta go my timer went off and I'm thinking of purchasing a small robotic floor cleaner. 

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